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For more hard-core outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor rugged mobile phones are an essential piece of equipment. In the mountains and in places where there is no signal coverage, outdoor mobile phones can not only solve the problem of instant messaging, but also can inform the rescue team of accurate location information if there is an accident and need to contact the outside world, which can be said to be important for outdoor personal safety equipment. Recently, I was fortunate enough to get the CONQUEST conquest S19 outdoor mobile phone.

CONQUEST is a professional high-end intelligent three-proof handheld terminal manufacturer, focusing on intelligent three-proof dual-mode intercom handheld terminal, three-proof industrial explosion-proof handheld terminal, three-proof thermal imaging Internet of things handheld terminal, three-proof vehicle intelligent terminal, three-proof The R&D and manufacturing of smart Tiantong satellite communication handheld terminals and other communication equipment. Its three-proof mobile phone products have also appeared in the movie "Operation Red Sea". In the film, the members of the Jiaolong team cover the retreat of the team and use their mobile phones to control the drone to fly. At the enemy's mortar position, the mobile phone held by the team members was one of the three-defense CONQUEST mobile phone series.

The picture is from the screenshot of the movie "Operation Red Sea"

This year, Mr. Lei Diansheng, a well-known explorer and public welfare image ambassador of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration.Mr lei Diansheng and his team used this mobile phone during the expedition through the Kumukuri Desert in the uninhabited area of Altun Mountains.

The picture is from CCTV News

The CONQUEST S19 rugged phone I got this time is the latest model CONQUESTed by CONQUEST. Let's take a closer look at this product through this hands-on evaluation.

Hardcore style, powerful three defense performance + military standard

The appearance of the CONQUEST S19 has a strong hardcore temperament, and many outdoor-style design elements are introduced in the details. Unlike mainstream smartphones that pay more attention to smooth lines, the design of exposed screws can be seen on the sides and back of the S19 fuselage, which has an industrial beauty of outdoor equipment. The four corners of the fuselage are cut corners and are supplemented by rubber material to close the body. Once the phone is dropped, it can effectively reduce the impact of the buffer and greatly enhance the anti-fall performance of the phone.

The fuselage is made of high-strength and high-hardness polycarbonate + glass fiber + aviation-grade magnesium-aluminum alloy bracket, supplemented by durable German Bayer rubber, which will not degummed and discolor after long-term use. Not only has excellent waterproof, anti-fall and dust-proof capabilities, the protection level reaches IP68 (1.5 meters waterproof, 1.8 meters anti-fall, 99.9% dustproof), and has MIL-STD-810G US military standard certification, which can be at -30℃ .It works normally at a temperature of -70℃, which is firm and reliable. It can run as usual in the harsh environment of extreme cold and extreme heat. Whether it is hiking or wading or wading, it can protect the mobile phone from infringement, which is enough to meet various harsh outdoor use scenarios.

CONQUEST S19 uses a 5.7-inch full-screen design that can be operated with one hand, covered with wear-resistant and scratch-resistant fifth-generation Corning Gorilla Glass. It supports touch with wet hands or with gloves, while still retaining the physical buttons and fingerprint recognition functions. It will undoubtedly be much more convenient to use in an outdoor environment. In addition, the mobile phone is equipped with an ultra-high-definition eye-protecting sun screen, which is presented with high resolution, 1080*2160 high contrast, and screen pixel density of 427ppi. It can also be clearly displayed in an outdoor environment under direct sunlight and is more adaptable.

On the left side of the fuselage, there are power button and volume plus and minus buttons, as well as PTT buttons commonly used outdoors.

There is a flashlight shortcut button on the right side of the fuselage (long press to switch the flashlight, short press to take a picture, short press 3 times to turn on the flash), and is additionally equipped with a custom button [FN], which can customize some commonly used functions to This button is more convenient to use.

There is an infrared remote control at the top of the S19 fuselage, which can be used to operate various electrical appliances, and is equipped with a bright flashlight for outdoor lighting.

There is a fingerprint recognition module between the two physical buttons at the bottom of the fuselage, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a Type-C charging interface at the bottom of the fuselage.

On the back of the phone, you can see the non-slip carbon fiber pattern and C-shaped protective design on the back cover. In the middle is the card cover for storing the sim card. A flat screwdriver accessory is included for opening/locking the sim card cover. Every detail is designed with a very outdoor style language, which looks very hardcore and reliable.

It is worth mentioning that the S19 provides three charging methods, including the more common Type-C wired charging method, and also has a magnetic wire charging and a magnetic charging base that are more convenient to operate in outdoor scenarios. All charging methods support fast charging. Even if you lose the data cable outdoors, you can use other backup charging methods to replenish it, which is very intimate.

Eight key functions to escort outdoor travel

As a professional outdoor rugged mobile phone, in addition to showing strong outdoor attributes in its appearance design, CONQUEST S19 has also made a lot of careful considerations in its function settings, which can be summarized as 8 key functions introduce.

1. Tiantong satellite phone function

In outdoor expeditions, accidents caused by getting lost are not uncommon. CONQUEST S19 supports Tiantong satellite phone. In places where the communication network does not cover such as deep ocean, desert, deep mountain and other areas, satellite communication mode can be turned on to support voice communication and text messaging. A series of communication services such as sending and data transmission, and equipped with a dedicated SOS one-key help function, with four-mode high-precision positioning, it can send location information in time in an emergency.

2. Four models of accurate positioning

As an outdoor mobile phone, not only does it have a super strong signal, it also needs to be more powerful in terms of positioning. CONQUEST S19 built-in GPS+BDS Beidou+Glonass+Galileo four-mode positioning, adopts independent industrial-grade hardware positioning chip and connected antenna, supports offline positioning, and can realize coordinate positioning without card and signal, in desert, ocean, etc. The waypoint navigation can also be turned on when there is no reference object.

3. Intelligent dual intercom system

CONQUEST S19 has an intelligent dual intercom system, 2 watt U-segment analog/DMR digital-analog intercom (customizable 4 watts/V-segment/UV dual-segment/350M/400M + global network POC/CT chat public network intercom, Double time slot data transmission, free hardware intercom in the offline environment. The hardware intercom has a linear distance of up to 5 kilometers, and supports access to repeater stations, effectively increasing the intercom distance. Dedicated PTT intercom button, one-key pair intercom can improve the efficiency of command and dispatch, which is also very convenient for firefighters, oil workers, coal mining, ocean navigation and special types of work, when working outdoors.

4. LED flashlight

CONQUEST S19 is equipped with a high-brightness LED flashlight, which can continue to illuminate for 24 hours when fully charged, and has a dedicated physical button that allows users to quickly turn on the lighting function in an outdoor environment.

5. Powerful infrared thermal imaging function

CONQUEST S19 is equipped with a high-definition infrared thermal imaging sensor, which can quickly and accurately detect the high temperature, low temperature, and average temperature of objects in the outdoor environment, forming a color temperature map, visually presenting the heat dissipation and heating conditions of the environment and various parts of the device, and supports multiple areas Temperature measurement. This technology can not only be used for outdoor exploration, but also can install infrared thermal imaging detection business software from different industries, which is carried to the scene by the inspector, and the detection software is operated through the touch screen to quickly complete the infrared thermal imaging detection and shooting of the target, and Upload data to the remote management platform through the wireless network for data management, real-time analysis and early warning, and help safe production.

6.FM loudspeaker and 120 decibel loudspeaker

CONQUEST S19 built-in hardware-level FM radio, independent FM antenna, supports no earphones, no external antenna, you can listen to FM radio programs. It also has a built-in Smart PA smart power amplifier and 2W speakers, which can improve the sound quality to a certain extent while protecting the device, and it also has a dual MIC noise reduction function. The volume loudness of 120 decibels is greater than twice the loudness value of mainstream mobile phones.

7. Outdoor toolbox

CONQUEST S19 mobile phone also has a collection of very practical outdoor gadgets, including altitude barometer, compass, flashlight, heart rate, alarm bell, magnifying glass, plumb bob, protractor, wall chart, level, height measurement, noise measurement and other practical outdoor Function, provides great convenience for outdoor life.

8. Other industrial, commercial and law enforcement functions

  • 1D/2D laser scanning head, for the courier, the delivery registration can be completed by simply scanning the QR code when sending the order

  • Optional RFID plug-in module can be used to read information through NFC chip/ID card reader module to provide basic support for police system work

  • Equipped with a standard M6 external device interface, which can be connected to infrared night vision cameras, noise reduction headphones, hand microphones, law enforcement recorders and other equipment

Strong hardware configuration, so that outdoor mobile phones are no longer functional phones

Strong hardware configuration, so that outdoor mobile phones are no longer functional phones

When it comes to rugged outdoor mobile phones, everyone's first reaction may be a functional phone that looks like a phone for old man and can only make calls and send text messages. The CONQUEST S19 adopts the hardware configuration of mainstream smartphones. It is a smartphone running Android 11.0 operating system. It is equipped with an octa-core processor with 12NM process technology. It has a 2.3GHz frequency and is supplemented by 6G6 storage + 128G memory. The front 13 million camera + rear dual 2100PDAF million w camera, can be used as an Android machine in daily life.

In terms of battery life, the 9000mAh super-capacity battery can last for 900 hours of standby time, 18 hours of talk time, and 5 hours of full charge.

In addition, the CONQUEST S19 also comes with infrared remote sensor control, which can be equipped with smart home appliances such as air conditioners, TVs, fans, water heaters, projectors, etc., which can realize home interconnection at home, and bid farewell to the trouble of looking for a remote control. You can also install enough apps on your own. Whether you drink at home or go to the company, or you are outdoors, you can have this mobile phone and you don’t need to change your phone.


The most important thing in the outdoors is safety.For users who often live and work outdoors and have communication needs, the value of professional outdoor rugged mobile phones is more to provide more protection and safety in extreme special environments. So as a professional outdoor mobile phone, this CONQUEST S19 has very distinctive features. It has a hard-core outdoor style design, large volume, long battery life, IP68/X9 level three-proof capability, and can provide the highest level of protection. This kind of harsh outdoor environment, as well as the Tiantong satellite phone function, precise four-mode positioning, intercom system, infrared thermal imaging and other outdoor professional functions, almost all the functions required for outdoor life and work are covered, because the S19 itself is a A mobile phone with Android system can also satisfy everyone's expectations for a smart phone in daily life.